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Meah Denee is the creator of the production company Reel Reality. Raised in Raeford, North Carolina, Meah Denee graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a degree in Communication Studies. After spending a summer in California interning she decided to move to New York City to pursue her dreams of becoming a film director. A few months after Meah Denee moved to New York City her father passed leading her down a long road of trials and tribulations. Through that journey Meah Denee built a relationship with Jesus Christ and was given a vision to start her own production company. Meah Denee believes that her story and the stories of all individuals can heal and change the world. She wants to use her love for film to help young people of color speak their truth. REEL REALITY is a production company and online video community that is focused on cultivating video content that is uplifting, inspirational and faith based. Our mission is to create and showcase positive content that caters to young people of color! REEL REALITY supports and showcases the work of independent actors, writers, producers and more! REEL REALITY works to show how real life stories, circumstances, and testimonies influence the stories presented on television and within the film industry. Reel Life. Reel People. Reel Stories. Are you interested in working with Reel Reality? Invite us to cover your next event or showcase your work on our site! Feel free to contact us!

Hey Meah Discusses Mental Health

The newest episode of Hey Meah addresses mental health and host Meah Denee brings two experts to the show to break down what a mental illness is and how it affects our everyday lives. Special guest Dr. Glorious Dunkerley has worked as a psychologist for over 15 years and deals mostly with patients that suffer from ADHD, depression, anxiety, trauma by providing different kinds of counseling; group counseling, family therapy, couples counseling, and filial therapy.

Our second guest Rwenshaun Miller is a mental health awareness advocate and the founder and executive director of Eustress Inc. A non profit organization dedicated to starting conversations to raise awareness and educate underserved communities about mental health. The organization works within the community starting conversations, providing educational content, interactive programming and having annual Lets Talk About It Walk’s to help people acknowledge negative stressors in their lives that might effect their health.

“The word, ‘Eustress,” (pronounced yoo-stress) is stress that is deemed healthful or giving one the feeling of fulfillment.”

Stay tuned for more information within this two part episode about mental health. Take the time to learn more about Dr. Glorious Dunkerley and Rwenshaun Miller and their initiatives on their sites! Let us know what you thought about this episode and any other questions you may have for our guests or information you may want to know!

Have you every suffered from some form of a mental health disorder? How did you handle this and seek help? #LetsGetReel

Hey Meah Takes Over Washington, D.C.!

Hey Meah host, Meah Denee, took a trip to Washington, D.C. to cover the third stop on the Moguls In Media tour! This is the second year of the tour and it continues to build momentum bringing together industry professionals to hold a great panel about the struggles and joys of working in the entertainment industry.

On this stop the panelists included TV One Producer, Terrance Nelson, top PR women Candice Nicole (Women Who Hustle) and Regan Farley (My PR Agency), pitch master Patrice Tartt (Black Enterprise) and news reporter Mikea Turner (WUSA9).

The panel answered questions about the misconceptions of working in the industry, they also talked about the patience, diligence, and hard work ethic it takes to make it within any area of entertainment. Be sure to watch the event recap video below and let us know what you think! #LetsGetReel

A Reel Collaboration: Fresh Moves “VICTORY”

Reel Reality presents its newest project collaboration with Fresh Moves! Fresh Moves is a non profit dance company that works with youth to help showcase their talents through dance. We hope this project inspires you to push further and farther and believe more in your dreams!

Let us know your thoughts and feelings below! #LetsGetReel

Is Nike’s “Equality”Ad Misguiding or Trustworthy

Nike has dived into political matters and addressed some of America’s touchiest topics lately. Nike’s recent ad “Equality” includes stars like Lebron James, Serena Williams, Kevin Durant, and more to express the need for everyone (specifically Americans) to be more open minded and welcoming to other cultures. The main message is that every human deserves to be treated equally and with respect. Most human beings can respect and relate to Nike’s message but actually living by those beliefs and giving people respect and equality can be difficult for many.

After watching the ad I was impressed and thought Nike did a nice job at making African Americans and muslims feel welcomed and supported, but then I scrolled down to the comment section. A large majority of those comments totally disagreed with Nike’s marketing tactics and the message of the “Equality” commercial. Hypocrisy was a big concern with this ad, many commented that Nike should not post ads like “Equality” if they are continuing to mistreat there factory workers and underpay them.

Within the past year Noi Supalai a factory worker in Thailand shared her experience working in a Nike factory. She said Nike refused to pay workers because the factory did not meet a purposed deadline. In the article, Supalai spoke about being mistreated, barely receiving breaks and workers not having enough money to support themselves. For two months employees did not receive pay, so they decided to protest and form a union but by the time all of this was established Nike moved on to another factory to finish their orders.

It is not a secret that many big companies that export their factories overseas to third world countries mistreat and underpay their workers. The real question is does the actions of these big companies carry over to their clientele? Are the celebrities and talent that promote Nike also held responsible for the companies actions and the message they present to the world? Does the hypocrisy also lie on those that support Nike regardless of your relationship with the company?

Check out the ad below and #LetsGetReel! We want to know your views and opinion about this topic! Comment below!

#ReelArtistSpotlight JSwiss Performs New “No Music” EP

Reel Reality was originally created to showcase only young and new professionals within the film and television industry. Specifically, actors, producers, directors, etc but Reel Reality founder, Meah Denee, is trying to balance her love for live music with her love for producing. With that being said every month there will be a new “artist” that will be spotlighted and interviewed!

We start 2017 off with rapper and MC JSwiss who performed a single from his “No Music” Ep on Hey Meah! Host Meah Denee catches up with JSwiss talking about his collaborations with bass guitarist, Brady Watt, from DJ Premier live band. JSwiss also talks about his new “No Music” and the meaning of the title, and even performs a track from the EP! Watch the performance and interview below.

“Hey Meah” Covers Moguls In Media: Philly

Hey Meah was in attendance at the one year anniversary of Moguls in Media! The first stop for the MIM tour was the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia, at the creative workspace, We Work.

Walking into the We Work space I was excited to interview the moguls and even more pleased to eat the delicious food and sip on some margaritas! There was such a great variety of flavored margaritas (Peach was my favorite) and the food catered by Chef Christine Hazel was so good.

Besides the event catering to my professional interests I was really attracted to the fact it was put together by a young woman, Darcel Laurie, who aspires to educate and help others achieve the same success that some of these moguls have already achieved.

After seeing the line up of panelists I was already anxious and excited to interview the moguls. The Philly moguls included Quincy Harris from The Q Show on Fox29, NFL Films reporter and producer Courtland Bragg, and the ladies included The PR Alliance’s Mariah Oates and Keisha Brewer, and returning mogul Chef Christine Hazel.

Once I finished up some good laughs and a few dance breaks on the red carpet I got to relax a little and tune into the panel. I can definitely say the advice given from the panel I took to heart and could relate to.

The best advice came from the true veteran of the panel Quincy Harris who has been in the entertainment industry for over 15 years, first in radio and now television. Harris said, “you have to keep jumping and keep taking risks. You have to keep betting on yourself until you get to your ultimate goal. That for me was a nice reminder that I am capable of achieving the goals I have set for myself, and I should not be afraid to aggressively pursue my dreams. Check out more of this great event, Moguls In Media, below:

2nd Annual Prom Gown Giveaway Is Here!


Bronx, New York {January 18, 2017} — Prom day is one of the most memorable days of a young ladies adolescence. There are so many factors that lead up to creating an amazingly memorable day but the most important thing for any young lady is the gown she is wearing.

Reel Reality has the honor of providing several young ladies facing financial hardships the opportunity to receive a free prom dress! Our special day will be held at:

Eastchester Gardens Community Center
3016 Yates Ave
Bronx, NY 10475
May 6, 2017
10am – 2pm

This project started after founder, Meah Denee Barrington, had several gowns in her closet and wanted to do more than give them to a local thrift store. So she reminisced about her own prom day remembering how magical and memorable it was and wanted to give another young lady that experience.

Our goal this year is to raise 100 gowns and $1,000!

Last year, our goal was 50 dresses and we passed that goal raising 70 gowns instead. Along with meeting our goals we fully dressed every young lady that came to the event with a gown, shoes, and a purse! With the help of generous individuals and local businesses we created many memorable prom nights.

Donations will be collected  until May 2017.  

Free prom gowns are just the beginning Reel Reality will be raffling off accessories, along with providing hair and make up! We are focused on creating a total beauty experience and help create the most memorable prom night for these young ladies. Therefore we are in desperate need of help specifically through donations and sponsorships. If you are interested in sponsoring a young lady, donating a dress, or volunteering your services please contact Reel Reality.

To qualify to receive a free dress, girls must RSVP for the event. Application and qualification details are available here or by emailing



Reel Reality is a production company and online video community that cultivates and creates digital media that is uplifting, youthful and educational. Our mission is to create and showcase content that caters to millennials of color, showcasing their excellence along with showing them that life should be appreciated and lived freely.

Reel Reality supports and showcases the work of independent actors, writers, producers, business professionals and more! Reel Reality works to show how real life stories, circumstances, and testimonies influence the stories presented on television and within the film industry and vice versa.

Reel Spotlight: Starbucks “Upstanders” Series

Article written by Meah Denee via

On a weekly visit to my favorite Starbucks inside my local Barnes and Noble bookstore I came across this new web show called the Upstanders. While connecting to the AT&T wifi through Starbucks website I saw this trailer on their homepage. The title of the show alone caught my attention, what is an upstander? It is an interesting term but it perfectly describes the people that Starbucks showcase in their new web show. Upstanders are everyday individuals that do extraordinary things in their communities. They are lifting up the people around them and being outstanding individuals or an upstander.

Produced by Howard Schultz and Rajiv Chandrasekaran this ten episode Starbucks original series shows us the importance of working within our own community to create positive change that can be passed down from generation to generation. Watch the trailer below and catch more of the series here.

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Director’s Cut: FOX’s Baseball Series “Pitch” TV Review

FOX’s new Thursday night show, Pitch, about a young woman, Ginny Baker (Kylie Bunbury), who becomes the first woman to pitch for a major league baseball team is groundbreaking television. Ginny Baker earns a winning spot on the San Diego Padres because of her vicious screw ball that her father, Bill Baker played by Michael Beach, helped her perfect.

While watching the first few minutes of the show an overwhelming joy came over me. Looking at the beauty of Bunbury on that screen and her strength in the opening scenes, how focused she appeared while heading to her first professional baseball game made me a bit emotional. As a young woman of color this is historical. I can actually see someone that looks like me playing a role that breaks standards. Of course there has been a lot of record breaking shows within the past few years with Empire, Scandal, Queen Sugar and more but to see a fictional female character of color breaking barriers in sports is inspiring.

With the pressure mounting from millions of viewers, thousands of little girls admiring Ginny, and the need to make her family and team mates proud Ginny unfortunately caves to the pressure during her first game. Deciding to leave the game after several high throws and balls hitting the dirt Ginny feels ultimately defeated, and questions her purpose in the league taking it out on her father. Instead of it being the typical father-son sports duo Ginny took her brothers’ position becoming the perfectly sculpted star player her father dreamed of having. The father -daughter relationship in the show is typical of a sports dad being extremely hard and strict on his kid, especially one like Ginny who becomes an elite player in a male dominated sport.

PITCH: L-R: Dan Lauria, Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Kylie Bunbury in PITCH ©2016 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Ray Mickshaw / FOX

Aspects of the show that I enjoyed the most would definitely be the realness of the sport. I am not a baseball fan but while watching episode one Ginny’s journey on the field and in the locker room felt authentic. Pitch is surely a sports show that will probably grow an audience base from the off field drama later in the season. Hopefully true baseball fans will connect to Ginny’s story off the field. I am not sure but the show is definitely aesthetically pleasing where Pitch has the pleasure of actually partnering with the MLB helping to make the show look even more authentic.

Another highlight of the show was Bunbury’s acting and the vulnerability and strength she presented from her breakdown on the filed, to her dealing with jealous teammates and doubtful coaches. Pitch showed the true rawness of emotions any women would feel in that position. Ginny’s debut was nothing easy she struggled her first and second game until team captain, Mike Lawson (Saved by the Bell‘s Mark-Paul Gosselaar), finally decides to help and gives Ginny a game time pep talk. “You have a lot of people telling you who you are doing this for except you. You cant please everyone.” said Mike. The pep talk obviously worked because Ginny killed the other team with her perfected screw ball pitch getting five strike outs and a standing ovation from the crowd.

Now you finally think Ginny’s father, Bill, would be proud and happy for his daughter, that they finally accomplished their dream but wrong. A shocker within the last few minutes of the episode hits you and you realize Bill is actually dead! There were several flashbacks throughout the episode showing Ginny’s journey to the MLB and how her father pushed her with late night practices to perfect her throw. One flash back goes to the night she was recruited by the San Diego Padres after winning the state championship game. Ginny and Bill are driving home only to get into a fatal car accident that throws her father out of the car killing him. Now any time she sees her father it is only a figment of her imagination, but a much needed push for her to stay focused and grind, Bill said it himself “We ain’t done nothing yet.”

Overall Pitch is a show I will be keeping up with, especially to see what happens later in the season I am sure there will be more drama, locker room fights, and some romance for Ginny I am sure it is coming! Pitch airs Thursdays at 9pm ET on Fox!

#WhatsTheReel! Let us know what you think about this new sports show and if you are excited to see more groundbreaking television.

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Reel Recap: Harlem International Film Festival

The Harlem International Film Festival countdown has come to a close. The festival took place September 14th – 18th at Mist Harlem showcasing 99 films in four days! The films and shorts presented this year were so diverse and inspiring. Reel Reality had the privilege of working at the festival taking pictures and recording a few interviews with great directors. Check out some pictures from HIFF below:


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