Meah Denee Barrington is the creator of the production company and web channel, Reel Reality. Raised in Raeford, North Carolina she graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a Communication Studies degree. After interning for a summer in California at Clairmont Camera and working on several infomercials Meah Denee decided to move to New York City in pursuit of her dreams to become a film director.

Two months into her stay in New York City Meah Denee’s father passed away after being in a comma. During that time she faced several trials and tribulations which led her down many paths but ultimately she had a urning desire to start her own production company. Meah Denee wants to use her love of film to help young people of color speak their truth and tell their story, showing people that through film lives can be changed and healed.

REEL REALITY is a production company and online video community that is focused on cultivating video content that is uplifting, youthful and educational. Our mission is to create and showcase content that caters to millennials of color, showing them that life should be appreciated and lived freely!

REEL REALITY supports and showcases the work of independent actors, writers, producers, business professionals and more! REEL REALITY works to show how real life stories, circumstances, and testimonies influence the stories presented on television and within the film industry and vice versa. 

Reel Life. Reel People. Reel Stories. 

Are you interested in working with Reel Reality? Invite us to cover your next event or showcase your work on our site! Feel free to contact us below! Reel Reality would love to hear from you!


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