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Reel Recap: Harlem International Film Festival

The Harlem International Film Festival countdown has come to a close. The festival took place September 14th – 18th at Mist Harlem showcasing 99 films in four days! The films and shorts presented this year were so diverse and inspiring. Reel Reality had the privilege of working at the festival taking pictures and recording a few interviews with great directors. Check out some pictures from HIFF below:


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Reel Spotlight: “Escorts” Webshow

At Reel Reality we love to put the spotlight on talented artists, businesses and professionals so every month we have decided to spotlight new, up and coming, and dope projects or people we have come across.

This month Reel Reality came across the web show Escorts! A drama filled show about the ups and downs of a young entrepreneur starting his own escort business. The show starts off with a group of people at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting but the audience soon learns how everyone is connected through Jay Miller. Eager to find a cash flow to support his family Miller starts his own escort service using his college campus as the perfect recruitment location. The tables quickly turn when something tragic happens to one of his call girls leading Miller to face blackmail, incarceration, and more! Check out episode one below and let us know what you think of this series!! Reel Reality is definitely excited for season two!

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Women, Sexuality, And Love On A New Hey Meah! Episode!

Reel Reality released a new episode of Hey Meah! featuring several beautiful co-hosts discussing topics like sexuality, love, virginity and more! Episode four of Hey Meah! addresses the concerns of many women of color when it comes to how they define their sexuality and how society defines sexuality for them. Meah Denee speaks with a diverse group of co-host, even discussing her own battle with identity, losing her virginity, and learning how to be sexually free!

The entertainment does not stop there! Meah Denee interviews soul singer Lea Anderson about her newest project called Pronounced Lee, and gets in-depth on how Anderson addresses and expresses her sexuality through her music. Watch the full episode below and SUBSCRIBE to our Youtube channel to stay up to date on future episodes!

Reel Reality Premiere’s New Webshow Hey Meah!

Reel Reality released its newest web show, Hey Meah, on Sunday afternoon. The series premiered on public access television on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network  to an audience of Manhattan residents and online viewers.

Hey Meah’s first episode launched with host, Meah Denee, interviewing two songdoves, Tenille Ja’nae and Racquel Nicole Jete. The amazingly talented singers performed their newest singles from their upcoming EP’s. The ladies also discussed their journey as indie artists and the biggest lessons they have learned while building their careers. Watch the full interview below to hear these amazing songdoves!