Hey Meah Discusses Mental Health

The newest episode of Hey Meah addresses mental health and host Meah Denee brings two experts to the show to break down what a mental illness is and how it affects our everyday lives. Special guest Dr. Glorious Dunkerley has worked as a psychologist for over 15 years and deals mostly with patients that suffer from ADHD, depression, anxiety, trauma by providing different kinds of counseling; group counseling, family therapy, couples counseling, and filial therapy.

Our second guest Rwenshaun Miller is a mental health awareness advocate and the founder and executive director of Eustress Inc. A non profit organization dedicated to starting conversations to raise awareness and educate underserved communities about mental health. The organization works within the community starting conversations, providing educational content, interactive programming and having annual Lets Talk About It Walk’s to help people acknowledge negative stressors in their lives that might effect their health.

“The word, ‘Eustress,” (pronounced yoo-stress) is stress that is deemed healthful or giving one the feeling of fulfillment.”

Stay tuned for more information within this two part episode about mental health. Take the time to learn more about Dr. Glorious Dunkerley and Rwenshaun Miller and their initiatives on their sites! Let us know what you thought about this episode and any other questions you may have for our guests or information you may want to know!

Have you every suffered from some form of a mental health disorder? How did you handle this and seek help? #LetsGetReel


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