“Hey Meah” Covers Moguls In Media: Philly

Hey Meah was in attendance at the one year anniversary of Moguls in Media! The first stop for the MIM tour was the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia, at the creative workspace, We Work.

Walking into the We Work space I was excited to interview the moguls and even more pleased to eat the delicious food and sip on some margaritas! There was such a great variety of flavored margaritas (Peach was my favorite) and the food catered by Chef Christine Hazel was so good.

Besides the event catering to my professional interests I was really attracted to the fact it was put together by a young woman, Darcel Laurie, who aspires to educate and help others achieve the same success that some of these moguls have already achieved.

After seeing the line up of panelists I was already anxious and excited to interview the moguls. The Philly moguls included Quincy Harris from The Q Show on Fox29, NFL Films reporter and producer Courtland Bragg, and the ladies included The PR Alliance’s Mariah Oates and Keisha Brewer, and returning mogul Chef Christine Hazel.

Once I finished up some good laughs and a few dance breaks on the red carpet I got to relax a little and tune into the panel. I can definitely say the advice given from the panel I took to heart and could relate to.

The best advice came from the true veteran of the panel Quincy Harris who has been in the entertainment industry for over 15 years, first in radio and now television. Harris said, “you have to keep jumping and keep taking risks. You have to keep betting on yourself until you get to your ultimate goal. That for me was a nice reminder that I am capable of achieving the goals I have set for myself, and I should not be afraid to aggressively pursue my dreams. Check out more of this great event, Moguls In Media, below:


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