‘Naz & Maalik’ Film Explores Black, Gay, Muslims And FBI Surveillance

“The world didn’t need another story about a young white guy moving to New York, and I felt that this was a story that needed to be told,” said filmmaker Jay Dockendorf.

Gay, black, and Muslim are not three words many people use in a sentence, probably because many still do not acknowledge homosexuality in the Muslim community. One young man, Dockendorf came upon a rare story that he knew needed to be told.

‘Nas & Maalik’ filmed in Bedstuy, NY follows the day in the life of two “closeted” Muslim black teenagers that are targeted by the NYPD and FBI. While working on the streets selling lottery tickets to save money for college Nas and Mallik find themselves profiled after an undercover cop tries to sell them a stolen gun.

Watch the trailer below and visit The Daily Beast to read more on the surveillance and criminalization of Muslims in the United States.

The film comes to VOD and DVD January 26, 2016 from Wolfe Video!



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