‘Soul On Ice’ Film Focuses On Black Men And Hockey

Normally the only thing black we see on the ice at a hockey game is the puck but with a increase of minority players it looks like diversity has finally hit the ice.

Soul On Ice tells the story of black hockey players and how they have helped make professional hokey what it is today and how they continue to fight to play on the ice.

After falling in love with the sport of hokey, Director Kwame Mason started looking into the history of hockey wondering why there are so few black men on the ice. Through his research he learned about the first all black hockey team formed in Nova Scotia, and then about all the ground breaking black players that broke barriers in the game of hokey.

With this new found knowledge Mason knew he had to tell the stories of black hockey players. Mason literally gave up his entire life savings, sold his condo, and went head first into creating Soul On Ice, his first movie. Luckily, the hard work paid off, Soul On Ice won the People’s Choice Award for feature film at the Edmonton International Film Festival. The momentum has not stopped the film is making its rounds, it premiered in Washington D.C., on Wednesday, and will hopefully premier throughout the U.S.

“Everyone that has seen it is like, ‘Wow, we didn’t really know that this existed,'” NBC analyst Anson Carter said. “It’s about the depth of the piece. It wasn’t about being a black hockey player is hard. That wasn’t the kind of piece I wanted to put together. Everyone knows that story. Everyone knows that if you’re going to be a minority playing any sport, it’s not going to be easy. It’s more of a celebration of it, the evolution of it, the story that nobody knew” (NHL Insider).

Catch the trailer below and visit soulonicemovie.com to see when it will be coming to your city!




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