Directors Reel: I’m A Rookie!!

Last night was the Rookie Republic’s Pop Up event featuring myself, Reel Reality creator Meah Denee, and Paige Wilhide founder of Paige Media! 

If you do not know what Rookie Republic is then let me inform you! Rookie Republic is an amazing organization that focuses on inspiring individuals to become entrepreneurs, and helping them to build their businesses and build networks for success! Every month Rookie Republic has a pop up event that recognizes an entrepreneur, and this month I was chosen to be February’s ROOKIE OF THE MONTH!! 

This months event took place at ACME Studio Brooklyn in Williamsburg! The atmosphere was so comfortable and wildly artistic! The studio consisted of numerous props (leather couches, musical instruments, plenty of animal heads and rugs!) definitely not your typical production studio! 

Filled up with a diverse group of entrepreneurs we started the night with a Q&A from Rookie Republic founder Arleen von Londen! This was my first speaking event and to say that I was not nervous would be a big understatement! Thankfully, I was able to share the opportunity with Paige, helping to take some of the focus off of myself! Paige is such an amazing videographer and has a great spirit. We both discussed our beginnings in the entertainment industry and why we chose to become entrepreneurs. We both knew that we did not want to work for anyone and that our love and desire to want to tell stories made our decision to start our own businesses simple!

The one thing I loved the most about the Rookie Republic pop up event was that it did not feel like a networking event! A lot of networking events I have gone to have been so stuffy, uncomfortable and awkward where you are trying to build connections but everyone knows you are there to basically “use each other!” On the contrary, this event was in a comfortable atmosphere and showcased two individuals that were in the same position, career wise, as many of the attendees. Also, the Q&A allowed for conversation to be formed and took the attention off of “networking." 

Last night was definitely an experience I will remember forever! And I am truly thankful and humbled I was giving the opportunity to talk about something I love! To see more pictures from last nights event visit and support the cause and Become a Rookie!! Also, throughout the night people were asked to write down there definition of "What is a Rookie?” My picture is below!! 

Photos taken by Reel Reality photographer Briana Felix @briwrks FOLLOW HER!!


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