BLACK&SEXY TV’s Newest Webshow SEXLESS!!!


Black&SexyTv’s newest web series SEXLESS premiered online this past weekend on Valentines day! This new show has to be one of the steamiest shows from the Black&Sexy channel!

The series starts with four minisodes giving you a glimpse of the four characters struggles with love and sex! Check out Wendy, Farrah, Nolita, and Anastasia back story before you catch the first episode!

Starring four young women, SEXLESS, shows these women’s journey of not having sex for various reasons like practicing abstinence, being celibate or waiting until they are in committed relationship before having sex.

Are you wondering how SEXLESS can be so steamy and interesting if no one is having sex? Black&Sexy Tv does an amazing job at showing all aspects of a woman’s vulnerability when it comes to being in love and having sex. Each character is so different there is no way the audience cannot relate to one of the characters. When it comes to the steamy part…well you be the judge!

Catch more of Black&Sexy Tv shows on their Youtube channel!

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