Keke Palmer as Cinderella on Broadway

Just Cindy! TV Fave Keke Palmer Will Join Broadway Cast of Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella

Announced Tuesday morning, Keke Palmer makes history as becoming the first African American Cinderella on Broadway.

Palmer recently made history becoming the youngest talk show host (Just Keke, BET) and now she is making her debut on Broadway broadening her skills as an actress and singer.

“It’s honestly one of those things that I can’t believe is really happening,” said Palmer in a press release. “Theater offers so much more than I haven’t been able to access doing film and TV and everything like that. I’m excited to learn all that it has to offer — that focus and that dedication to perform at a certain level every night.”

With a career like Palmer’s it is not a surprise that at the age of 20 she is making history left and right. For 10 years Palmer has been gracing our television screens evolving with every role. She made her acting debut playing alongside Queen Latifah in Barbershop 2 and ever since then Palmer has been seen in Akeelah and the Bee, Joyful Noise, Madea’s Family Reunion, Nickelodeon’s television series True Jackson: VP, Ice Age and the list goes on.

Palmer also realizes that none of this could have happened without those that led the way for her like actress/singer Brandy who played alongside Whitney Houston in the 1997 television remake of Roger & Hammerstein’s Cinderella.

Palmer makes her Broadway debut on September 9th at the Broadway Theater.


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