FOX’s new hip hop drama, EMPIRE!!

Hip Hop has come to the television screen in a new and big way this fall.  Fox picks up a new drama for its upcoming season, Empire, written by The Butler’s Lee Daniels and Danny Strong. The pilot is a story about a unique hip hop family’s empire. The plot focuses on Lucious Lyon, played by Terrance Howard, a charismatic music mogul who is about to take his company, Empire Entertainment, public. Lyon was raised on the streets and is willing to do anything, fair or foul, to defend and maintain his Empire. Co starring Taraji P. Henson, as Cookie Lyon, Lucious’ ex-wife and former business partner Cookie recently released from prison comes back into Lucious life ready to restore her life and claim her part of Empire.

Lee Daniels spoke with The Hollywood Reporter on why he decided to move from film to television and some of the people who doubted him on his way to TV land.

Daniels said, “Every time you think you have it, there’s another medium. I want to learn. I want to stretch my muscles as a director and work under different circumstances. When it was pitched to me — Danny pitched it as a movie, like King Lear — I said, "Danny we should be doing TV. We’ve had a film career; let’s switch up the game a little bit.” So it’s stuck. Who would have thunk it.“

Check out more of his interview above with The Hollywood Reporter! Daniels goes more in depth about Timbaland’s work in producing the music for the hip hop series! It looks like this show was a great challenge for Daniels and hopefully that makes for great television.

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