New ABC sitcom “Fresh Off The Boat” showcasing full cast of Asian Americans!!

It has been 20 years since Asian Americans have been the focus of any sitcom, but ABC’s release of the trailer for their newest sitcom Fresh Off The Boat proves that diversity is hitting the airways in 2015.

Based on the memoir Fresh Off The Boat by celebrity chef Eddie Huang the show tells the story of Huang’s Taiwanese family moving from Chinatown in Washington, DC to a predominately white Orlando, Florida during the 1990s.

The show stars a full cast of Asian Americans, Randy Park (Veep), Constance Wu, Hudson Yang, Forrest Wheller, and Ian Chen.

Being one of the most underrepresented races on television this sitcom shows any interesting perspective as to the definition of “The American Dream.” I look forward to watching this show next year! Do not forget to check out the trailer above, it looks pretty hilarious!

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