As humans, especially Americans, it seems that we quickly forget the impact a natural disaster or man made disaster has on our economy. I do not believe it is because we do not care but merely we become so self absorbed in our own lives and daily problems that we seem to lose interest when things are no longer in the mainstream spotlight. The same goes for the BP oil spill that affected thousands of people along the Gulf Coast. Four years later the oil spill is still a constant burden to the fisherman and families of the Gulf Coast.

In Nailah Jefferson’s feature documentary, Vanishing Pearls, tells the untold story of the black oyster men of Pointe a la Hache, Louisania and their struggle to survive and rebuild their community after the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

With 49 million barrels of oil settling into the coastal waters, and news cameras leaving the coast Jefferson delves deep into the worst environmental disaster in American history.

Through carefully researched data, in depth interviews with black oyster men, Gulf researchers, marine biologists, and BP representatives Jefferson shows how the mismanagement of funds and corporate greed and incompetence halt the rebuilding of the Gulf and ultimately stifle the livelihoods of the black oyster men.

AFFRM releases Vanishing Pearls in New York and Los Angeles TODAY, April 18th! The release commemorates the 4th anniversary of the oil spill and will will soon be available to watch in other cities around the country.

Visit the AFFRM site to buy tickets and see if the movie will premier in a city near you!!

Also, check out the Vanishing Pearl trailer above!!

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