A Vampire Romance: Only Lovers Left Alive Trailer

This vampire romance is directed and written by Jim Jarmusch and stars Tom Hiddleston (Iron Man), Tilda Swinton (The Chronicles of Narnia) and Mia Wasikowska (Alice in Wonderland).

The movie is set during the desolation of Detroit and Tangier and focuses on the endless love story of two vampires, Adam (Hiddleston) and Eve (Tilda). Adam, an underground musician, becomes deeply depressed by the direction of human life and believes that humanity is doomed. Living for centuries, Adam now survives off of blood-bank donations he regularly receives from Doctor Watson (Jeffrey Wright), but Adam is tired of the world. He contemplates committing suicide by shooting himself with a wooden bullet but is saved by a phone call from his wife Eve. Fearing for Adam’s life Eve leaves her home in Tangier to be reunited with her husband. The lovers are reunited, enjoying each others company until Eve’s younger sister, Ava (Wasikowska), arrives causing trouble. Ava’s actions leave the vampires in fear of their lives and fighting for their survival.

Only Lovers Left Alive has premiered in several film festivals this past year making debuts at Cannes Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, the New York Film Festival and many others.

Only Lovers Left Alive hits limited theaters on April 11, 2014. Will you be checking out this vampire love story?


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