WATCH: Trailer for OWN’s New Docuseries “Lindsay”

For month’s I have been hearing about this new documentary series Oprah Winfrey was putting together following the life of Lindsay Lohan. And if you are an OWN follower I am sure you have seen the commercial for the docuseries that premiers Sunday, March 9th at 10pm, but have you seen the full trailer?!

Documentarian Amy Rice follows Lindsay Lohan filming her recovery process and journey back into acting. The docuseries was created after Winfrey interviewed Lindsay after her latest stint in rehab, in August of last year. The two ladies agreed to an eight series documentary which showcases Lindsay moving back to New York, and trying to maintain her sobriety and rebuild her acting career. This series definitely looks like a whirlwind of unexpected events, hopefully the outcome is a positive life change for the young actress.

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