Dear White People

A satire about what it is like being a black face in a white place. The movie follows the lives of four black students who attend Winchester University, a prestigious Ivy League college. Riot breaks out on campus after white students throw an “African American” themed party.

Written and Directed by Justin Simien, Dear White People, brings up the topic of black identity in a so called “post racial” America. Where black students are forced to deal with stereotypes from fellow classmates and also their own preconceptions on how they should act. Even though it is an independent movie that still does not have any backers for distribution, the cast is pretty well known, in a sense.

Tyler James Williams (Everybody Hates Chris) plays Lionel Higgins, a gay student with a  large, messy afro that has little interest in “black culture.” There is also Teyonah Paris (Mad Men) who plays Coleandra “Coco” Conners with slick black hair and reality-TV aspirations she is completely unmoved by the fight-the-power rhetoric spoken on campus, by Sam White. Sam is played by Tessa Thompson (For Colored Girls) who is a self-styled militant activist determined to use her campus radio show to stir up the white students on campus. Lastly, we have Brandon P. Bell (Hollywood Heights, Switched at Birth) plays Troy Fairbanks the cooperative, non-threatening black man, “the sell out.” Along with these actors there are cameo’s by Issa Rae (Awkward Black Girl) and Ashley Blaine Featherson (Hello Cupid).

Dear White People is currently being premiered in Sundance Film Festival! Hopefully, it can receive great reviews and find some backers!


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