Blue Caprice

Released a week ago, Blue Caprice had the second highest ratings for Indy movie releases this past week, Mother of George placed first with $22,456. The movie released in one theater at the IFC Theater in New York ranking in $15,200. The movie is expected to have a slow roll out to other theaters around the country, but Sundance Selects plans to expand Blue Caprice to the top 15 markets throughout the month of September. (Deadline)

Blue Caprice is a psychological thriller about a young boy lured to America and into the dark shadows of a father figure. Inspired by true events this film staring Isaiah Washington and Tequan Richmond shows the real life circumstances that led up to the 2002 Beltway snipper attacks. 

I am very interested in seeing this movie because I will hopefully get some type of understanding as to what happened to cause this tragedy. But in all reality do movies like these bring some type of healing to the victims/families or do they just cause more pain? I think that differs for every human being but what are the benefits of reliving this type of story in a film? Does it allow for some type of explanation for what happened or does it just bring more chaos and even a reoccurrence of what has already happened? That has been food for thought for me this past week especially after Monday’s tragedy. 

With that being said my condolences go out to all the victims, and family and friends of those hurt this past Monday at Washington, D.C., Navy yard shooting. It is a tragedy that we should not have to face as a nation. I pray that God brings peace, healing, and forgiveness to your hearts. 

To read more about Blue Caprice and Isaiah Washington’s experience shooting the film visit


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