I’ve always had the utmost respect for Samuel L. Jackson. He’s definitely one of the realest and most influential black men in the industry today! His words are so powerful, "Blame anyone but yourself for not being strong enough to put down the gun. To break the cycle!“

The unfortunate events that happened to Tryvon Martin are deeper than race. As black people living in a world controlled by white men we have to educate ourselves. We have to understand the barriers society has put on us but we can’t continue to blame society. We have to look at ourselves and want/demand more.  Our words will never be heard if we continue to settle and become complacent. We can not let others dictate the success we will achieve throughout our lives. Instead, we must stand together and support each other. Encourage our black people; support their businesses and endeavors instead of becoming jealous hatters. Respect and love each other! If we can’t support ourselves not other man will!

To read more about Trayvon Martin’s case check out some of the sites below:

ABC News Trayvon Martin Case: Timeline of Events

CNN Report

Also, ask for Justice for Trayvon Martin by signing is petition at:


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